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3 Different Types of Pump Innovation

It is important to choose the right pump for the characteristics of the liquid or gas being transferred and to match it to the process’ requirements. Factors to be considered include required flow rate, inlet fluid conditions, discharge pressure and liquid properties. Different kinds of industrial pumps work in varying ways, and the major types are listed in the sections below.

Centrifugal Pumps

The centrifugal pump is commonly used in a variety of industrial settings. These pumps can transfer liquids in an extensive range of sizes and capacities, and they work by increasing the liquid’s velocity and creating discharge pressure. A centrifugal pump’s efficiency improves with increased liquid viscosity, and its single impeller spins to create suction which forces liquid into the pump’s casing. The pump’s impeller increases the liquid’s angular velocity and pushes it out through a discharge line.

Positive Displacement Industrial Pumps

A positive displacement pump is a high-pressure pump that creates flow via a pressure input. Internal vanes, lobes and gears rotate out of and into voids within the casing, which creates suction and forces liquid into the voids. As the pump continues to rotate, liquid volume is compressed and flow is forced into discharge lines at a higher pressure. While flow is constant, discharge pressure can change and liquid viscosity can increase the pump’s efficiency.

Air-Powered Pumps

An air-powered or air-operated pump uses compressed air to facilitate pumping actions. These pumps are used to move liquids of varying viscosities, as well as slurries (liquids with solid particles mixed in). Air-driven pumps can deliver high pressure and a constant flow, and they may have a diaphragm or internal rotors. These parts move back and forth, compressing and creating voids within the casing, which brings in liquid and discharges it at high pressures. As they don’t use electricity, air-driven pumps are ideal for use in the presence of flammable gases.

Pumps are used in a variety of commercial and industrial settings, and pump innovation continues to bring new and useful products to industrial sectors. With the right pump, it’s possible to move any liquid, slurry or gas from one place to another.