A Tantric Bodywork Session

When I get asked what I do for a living and say that I am a Tantric Practitioner/Sex Coach, I typically get one of two reactions: 1) A look of complete horror as if I’ve just killed a small child, or 2) A look of curiosity, and the person will begin asking me questions in a very hushed voice. Many times after a few questions I will hear something along the lines of, “Oh, I have a great sex life. I don’t need that.” They are usually shocked to hear that there are enough people out there who need bodywork to sustain not only my business but also the businesses of many of my friends and colleagues just in the area where I live. They are then surprised to hear that actually EVERYONE needs Tantric Bodywork.

Truly everyone can gain something out of Tantra and Sex Coaching. As humans, we have a purpose to continue to grow and expand as people, and the path of Tantra has endless possibilities. Tantra is often viewed by those unfamiliar with the practice as only a sexual practice, but tantra is a life philosophy, a way to weave energy, breath, and connection into even the most mundane of moments. It’s about learning to connect into your life-force energy at all times and learning to honor yourself and your partners. And then of course there are also the fun sexual practices!

If you want to grow as a human being then YOU need tantric bodywork. In today’s society we do not go through life without shame, energy depletion, and some form of trauma. So below are some specific reasons to sign up for a Tantric Bodywork Session:

Reconnecting with Your Body: We live in a world where we are taught to walk about totally disconnected from the neck down. A tantric session allows you to be led to really connect with your own body and all its juicy sensations. You’ll go beyond merely connecting with your body, however; you also get a chance to reconnect with your sexual energy. This time spent with your body will reinvigorate all of your systems, and you will find that you not only have a greater connection with your genitals but also with your toes, your belly, the top of your head, the tips of your finger, etc. You get to experience your body in a way you likely never have before.

Release stored Trauma & Emotions: Our bodies are quite intelligent and will store memories, trauma, and emotions in many different areas. Dr. Peter Levine, the creator of Somatic Experiencing, writes in his book, “Waking the Tiger” about situations in the wild where animals get hurt. As a coping mechanism, they literally will shake/vibrate in order to burn off the negative energy and not carry that trauma around in their systems. As humans we instead hold this trauma in our bodies. Trauma to our systems can be big events such as rape and abuse but it also includes all the daily irritations, emotions, and events that stir up our limbic system. When you experience tantric bodywork the practitioner can begin to remove some of these previously held blocks in the system.