The beginning of one of my reoccurring fantasies

It’s late in the evening, and I’m walking with two of my lovers as the light, balmy breeze blows my hair. I look up and feel deeply connected to the moon and breathe it into my being. As we walk, I give one of my lovers a gentle hug, and then I lean sweetly into the other with an affectionate nudge. They tell me how gorgeous I look and how sexy I am in my flowy dress that cuts up my leg perfectly and makes me look like a true Goddess. Then my one lover stops and caresses the side of my face and leans over to plant a soft kiss on my lips as he puts his hands on my waist. My other lover comes up behind me and begins kissing my neck and then reaches around to tease my breasts through my dress. I lean back into the tender kisses and hear soft whispers in my ear, “Do you trust me?” I quickly nod my acknowledgment, but a shutter of nervous anticipation enters my stomach as a blindfold is quickly thrust over my eyes and securely fastened. My lovers take my hands and lead me forward as they tease with questions and scenarios they could be leading me too. We become silent except for the directions to ensure my safety and the quick pounding of my own heart up against my chest as I wonder what is about to happen. I hear a door opening and the deadly silence of an empty room. I receive soft kisses and feel teasing fingers slide my dress from my body. My soft lovers suddenly become more forceful as I am pushed onto my knees, and a cock is thrust into my mouth. My hair is grasped tightly by the lover behind me. I am egged on by the moans and demands that are escaping my lover’s lips as the other lover talks to me in sexy, low tones. Then I am lifted from my knees and shoved on a bed as my lovers simultaneously tie my wrists above my head…

Let’s just say I get exquisitely ravaged after that in a million different ways!

That is the beginning of one of my reoccurring fantasies. I will let you fill in the bits after that for yourself, but I promise you that it gets very steamy! Sometimes it’s slightly different; the people change, the exact setting changes, but it’s always arousing.

Most of us see fantasy as just an occasional fun pastime but don’t think about the importance of fantasy in our sexing and lives as a whole. I believe in mindfulness and that many of us walk around in a fog that creates an overall unhappiness. We do not recognize all the wonderful little things we are presented with each day by the universe. One research study by the University of Southern California found that we spend 1/3-1/2 of our waking hours in some form of a daydream. It’s crucial that we begin to live more in the moment and less in past and future.

That being said, it is just as crucial to take the time for fantasy because fantasy is imperative for our creativity, for manifesting our lives, for our personal development, and, more notably, for our sex lives. Fantasies are a form of self-love in that they provide pleasure and joy without the need for another, which is also an act of confidence, sexual acceptance, and empowerment.

Fantasies serve many different purposes throughout our sexual development. As young children, our fantasies looks more like dreaming about how that boy/girl will kiss us or imagining a romantic scene where we ask him/her to share a PB&J in the cafeteria, and there is that magic connection. As we get into our adolescence and hormones start raging, the fantasies usually expand into more directly sexual situations. This is when you start imaging what the “first time” will be like and the beauty of undressing your boyfriend/girlfriend for the first time. It brings a thrill that usually leads to more self-exploration. Our fantasies continue on as we age and will often include different elements that are important at that time of a person’s life. For example, when I was a teenager, I would fantasize and really focus on bringing kissing into the fantasy. Now, kissing comes into play, but there are other aspects I find enjoyable to create in my fantasy such as a certain level of sex talk or eye connection. From a psychological perspective, we often have themes in our fantasies that can give us huge clues into what areas we need to expand and where our boundaries lie.